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Toledo lawyers pursue claims against landowners, contractors and others

Construction sites are inherently hazardous for the people who work there, for site visitors and even for passersby. Whether the problem is a hidden pitfall, dangerous equipment, falling objects or another menace, they are a potential source of serious injury or death. At Zychowicz Skeldon, Ltd., we are ready to take on the culpable parties and will not back down until our clients’ case is resolved, no matter how stubborn the other parties’ resistance.

Working to see that construction employees receive workers’ compensation for injuries on the job

Construction workers who suffer on-site injuries may be entitled to workers’ compensation, even when the employers are not at fault. A company or person that reserves the right to exercise control over the manner or means of doing the work is considered an employer for workers’ compensation purposes. We can determine whether you qualify for workers’ compensation and, if so, file the claim on your behalf and represent you.

Aggressively representing workers and others suffering construction injuries from the parties at fault

Construction workers might not be limited to recovering workers’ compensation from their employers. They may bring a lawsuit if their injuries are the fault of a third party. In addition, someone who was not involved in the construction work but who suffers an injury might be entitled to damages if it was caused by such factors as:

  • Dangerous conditions on the property that created a foreseeable risk of injury to the plaintiff
  • Inherently dangerous construction work, for which a reasonable person would understand the risk and the need to take precautions
  • Defective machinery and other products that are unreasonably dangerous, for which the manufacturer or seller may be liable to the user regardless of fault

Most personal injuries must be brought within two years, but the time limit for products liability cases may be longer in cases where it is not immediately apparent that a defective product caused the injury.

There is no guarantee that we will recover damages in any given case, especially because we think innovatively and may bring cases that less venturesome attorneys might not. However, once we take a case, we do not back down in the face of tough opposition.

Contact Lucas County attorneys determined to recover damages for construction site injuries

If you have suffered a construction-related injury, we welcome the opportunity to sit down with you to determine how we can help you. If we accept your case at Zychowicz Skeldon, Ltd., you will pay us a fee for our services only if you win damages. To schedule a free consultation at our Toledo office, call us at 419-740-4949 or contact us online.

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